What Age Is Too Old To Have A Baby?


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I am 46 year old and I have two children I really want another child but I feel I am to old to have one my husband to 63 years old are we to old please tell me
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With the sort of medical background that you have it is not safe to go through a pregnancy period. You must consult the doctor before you take this decision as you already had eptopic babies I assume that this pregnancy that you plan would be epotic too.
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Hi dustyangel & welcome to Blurtit. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles in the past. The question is a good one and I'm sure there are many views. As you get older the questions become around how you will feel when your baby becomes 18 and you 64.

I feel that you still have time but I would do it soon if it were me :). There are of course other options if birth becomes too dangerous, there are many children who need a good set of parents and don't have them but that will come down to the rules according to where you are in the world.
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Having a baby at ANY age will in no way "fulfill (your) own empty meaningless life." You must find meaning and happiness and fulfillment within your self or there will be NOTHING left for you to give in caring for a baby and child the next 18 years. YOu must be able to give 110% percent of yourself to having and raising a child. Once they zapp away everything from your "own empty meaningless life" there is NOTHING left of you! At 39, and with two kids already 9 aged 9 and 11, I found myself shockingly pregnant. The pregnancy and postpartum periods were very tough, a nightmare compared with my first two. Having a now three year old at my age is even tougher. You must think about the rest of your life and the quality of life you can give a child!
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Most women become pregnant between the age of 18 and 35. After 35 is known as menopause - that is you are unable to become pregnant or you may have complications if you do become pregnant. As you have previous history of ectopic pregnancy, the lumen of your fallopian tubes has being narrowed prior to scarring caused by surgery. This blocks the sperm from travelling through the fallopian tubes to fertilize the ovum produced by the ovary. I don't think you will become pregnant as a Papua New Guinean situation.

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