Does this guy like me if he says "love you" jokingly to every one except me or gives hugs to every one except me? I'm 14 btw


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I'd say he likes you! And if your still trying to deliberate, just ask him yourself! Its good to be upfront and straight up when it comes to boys, let him know that you like him (if you do) and you may be pleasantly surprised
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I would think there is a chance that he likes you, you have to ask your self what kind of signals, do you think your getting from him. How well do you know him, and for how long, do you think he is the shy type. Does he ever look at you, and in what way does he look at you. You could start talking to him, see what his reaction is. Lets hope he does like you, has he got a reason for not liking you.It is hard for someone that does not know either of you, to answer this question.
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Reabetswe Lusonwa
It depends on the way that he says it and to who he says it too.For the most part , a guy does not express his emotions well and thus may try to hide them or even avoid saying it striaght to you face. In any case if this has been going on for a while then i think that you should ask him if truelly he likes you and you terll him how you feel about him. If he was just playing with you then it is his loss. Hope i helped

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