How can you say hi to a shy guy if he walks really fast and turns his head too quickly for you to say hi? How to get his attention?


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pipazzo reggy answered
What you do, don't scare him as shy guys and quiet guys are a bit over emotion. A piece of advice, ask him why he is so shy. Encourage him to speak up... Be confident. A first step is to slowly understand him, interest blah blah blah, then try to approach, but don't keep following or approaching. He might get some weird idea... Then second, slowly let him trust you, become friends... A friend and confident needs him to first trust someone that he can stand on.... To actually get his attention, his friendship, it needs to take time. But if you mean BGR, it is better to go with my advice instead of saying "I like you" within your first few months of approaching and friendship... Trust me, it scares guys away.
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Stop him, and say "Hi, can I borrow a pencil?"  Then say, "Thanks, I'll return it later". Now you have an excuse to say hi again later that same day or the next. (doesn't matter if you need a pencil or not).

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