Is It OK To Sit On A Guy's Lap, Facing Towards Him?


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There's nothing inherently wrong about sitting on a guy's lap facing towards him, although you may want to consider what messages this sends out before you do it.

Sitting on a guy's lap and facing him

If you sit on a guy's lap, you're giving out a pretty strong signal that you have some sort of emotional connection with him.

When you sit on a guy's lap facing him, this ramps the whole thing up a notch. Sitting face-to-face is a very intimate position as, if you didn't have your clothes between you, you'd practically be having sex!

I guess, whether sitting on a guy in this way is 'OK' depends on what you want to achieve: If you're trying to 'turn a guy on', then this is a good way of doing it!

If you're sitting on a guy's lap in an intimate position but you're not interested in him in 'that' way, though - then you might be giving him mixed signals, which can lead to a whole lot of confusion!

Is it OK to sit on a guy's lap?
You may think that sitting on a guy's lap is a pretty innocent gesture, but there are certain countries where even a peck on the cheek would be considered scandalous.

According to an article on, simply kissing a member of the opposite sex in Saudi Arabia can be punished by 90 lashes and 4 months in prison.

In fact, the uber-strict state has a 'religious police force' that is responsible for 'promoting virtue and preventing vice' in the royal kingdom based on its Islamic laws.

Because of this, men and women living in Saudi Arabia can actually be jailed just for hanging out with each other, let alone sitting on each other's laps!
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I think it is only if you are a girl.
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If he lets you and you are a girl.
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