Am I too ugly for a girlfriend?


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God doesnt make ugly people or junk and even the ugly duckling had his day so be patient and love will find you. There is someone out here for everyone so one day when you least expect it. Maybe youre not a Fabio but these other kids have a bigger problem like no brain which is even worse. Also real beauty comes from deep inside each of us and while our exterior can chnage this in side of us doesnt so whose more beautiful here. Remember that you really are the most beautiful person you know and don't worry about the rest
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You are not ugly at all.  My God, if you are ugly, then I must be terribly disfigured. It sounds like you have a distorted image of yourself.  I’ve heard of a condition like this.  No matter how you look at it, though, what you have is what you have. Try looking at the positive things about yourself and your life.
Also, you should consider inviting God into your life. I see that you are agnostic. Perhaps you should surround yourself with people who see beauty in all of God’s people.  You probably don’t want to hear that if you are not the religious type.  I am not a “holy roller” myself, but I do believe God has made us all for a reason…it’s up to you though to realize that reason and stop the…I hate to say it…nonsense. 
I don’t know what you’ve been through in your life and why people would tell you you’re ugly, but many people, no…all people, get called names through their adolesence. It is a very difficult time. Many outwardly beautiful people (and I stress outwardly because inner beauty is more important) do not get recognized as beautiful by their peers through their adolescence.  Take Cindy Crawford, for example. During interviews she’s expressed how awkward she felt as a child/teenager and how she was never asked out on a date! She is considered one of the most beautiful public faces, especially during the prime of her career.
I hope this helps, but, honestly, it sounds like you need some serious professional counceling to get you through this; what I believe is an illness.  However, you’ll need to put effort into helping yourself.  No professional, pill, etc. Will be able to help you completely.  It really is about having a good, positive attitude, which you are clearly lacking.  Believe it or not, but your lack of confidence is sure to show through to others, and, I'm sorry, but the most unattractive thing a person can bear is lack of self-confidence, so you need to find some quickly.

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