I am a 23 year old girl and I never get hit on by men out in public. Does this mean I am ugly?


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Why do you want to be hit on?

I find that crude behavior. If you want to meet nice young men join in on community activities, at your place of work, at your church, or ask a friend to suggest an idea.

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No.  The vast majority of men don't "hit on" women in public.  It's not like you see in the movies.  Most people don't even go to bars to "meet someone".

And what's wrong with YOU asking out a guy you're interested in?

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I never get hit on. It has nothing to do with your appearance. It's all in how you represent yourself. I carry myself as a married wife and mother... (almost as a grandmother!) It don't matter if I am out in public with a kid or my husband or alone. It don't matter if I go out in public wearing business attire, beautifully done make up, a nice dress, or in spaghetti splattered sweats and a messy hair bun! Lol! The reason why I know it's all in how you represent yourself, is because in my backslidden days I hung out at the bars and danced on the dance floors and represented myself as a very different person. I got hit on often. Not because of my looks... But because of the way I represented myself.

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I get hit on all the time.  I think it's because I have one of these ➡☺on my face a lot of the time.  It makes me look more approachable.

Try smiling....

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I rarely git hit on when I was younger. After talking to guys who became friends later the reason why was I intimidated them. Apparently if you don't act stupid and appear smart, and somewhat confident, it scares young men off.

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