I feel forever alone. I am 22 and never had a bf. On top of that, men never seem to hit on me at all?


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Hit on them. Guys love that.

The sexiest thing you could wear is a smile.  It makes you look approachable.

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I like girls with a great personality and let things go with a flow that's what i find attraction. I never go by looks or actions but personality.

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Just like I tell all the lovelorn young dudes who haven't a clue:

Make the (first) move. Smile and be charming. A breath mint is a good idea. Be presentable. The worst thing that could happen is nothing. That's about where you're at now, right?

Take some chances. You might surprise yourself. I promise.

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22, huh?

How much time do you spend on your phone, rather than interacting with people in real life? 

Given that people your age seem to live in their virtual world, I'm not surprised you've never had a boyfriend.

And even if you don't spend a lot of time online ... Many of your peers do, so that still cuts the number of possible suitors.

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Your question doesn't provide enough information. But I think the biggest problem for most people is just not being outside.

Do you participate in social activities? Do you have a hobby? Do you have any goals or aspirations that you work on everyday? People who do extracurricular things are attractive, plus most activities puts you in the way of other people which you can socialize. On top of that, these people will most likely have the same interest!

In terms of attractiveness, there's 3 categories. Mind, body, and spirit. You can get into some detail here but I'll make a little list on some of the things you can do.

  • Work out. Better if at the gym, I make a lot of friends at the gym especially during workout classes.
  • Eat right, find a nutrition calculator and input your weight/height/age. It will tell you the proper amount of calories to eat in a day.
  • Read books. Libraries are FREE. Read some popular culture, self-help books, a new hobby you're interested in, or even a math book.
  • Browse the internet with the purpose of improving yourself. Read fashion blogs. Learn how to cook and prepare meals. And yes, get up to date with popular culture.
  • Practice mindfulness. I know "meditation" sounds lame. But you know how you can tell a person worries too much by the look of their face? Once you get rid of the mind clutters like "Why wont anyone date me?" Your expressions and radiance improves.
  • When dressing up, it doesn't really matter the brand that you wear. It's how that item fits your body. The fit of clothing means everything in determining whether you dress well or look like a slob.

So take care of yourself and put yourself out there. That's all there is to it.

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On the note of keeping track of what you're eating, this site is helpful not only does it calculate calories, but other nutrients too and you input your meals, it will tell you how much of what nutrients and food groups you've had and how much more do you need or went over.
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