I Need A Love Poem For A Married Woman?


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If you're looking to seduce a married woman, you may need slightly more than a good love poem - although I suppose it's not a bad place to start.

Love poems to send a married woman
I'm personally a big fan of the Romantic poets (a group of English poets of the mid/late 18th century) and I'd certainly recommend that you look at the poems written by John Keats as a starting point.

Much of Keats' poetry was dedicated to the love of his life: Fanny Brawne, and I find his words and imagery intense and simply breath-taking. You can see for yourself, as most of his works are available here.

Another suggestion would be to read up on the work of Keat's contemporary, Lord Byron, who was a fascinating character (you can read all about him here).

Byron wooed many a married woman (including Lady Caroline Ponsonby-Lamb) so using his poetry sounds like a good idea to me.

Good luck, and watch out for the jealous husband!
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G'day mate,

Thank you for your question.

You could try some of Shakespeare's sonnets.


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