I'm Going To My Niece's Wedding. We See Each Other Once A Year.We Don't Keep In Touch. I'm Trying To Get An Opinion Of An Appropriate Amount Of Money I Should Give As A Gift. Can You Help?


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People always worried about money. Give what your pocket can give do not worry yourself half to death or til you are crazy. She should be glad to get anything. Because you know not everybody take gifts to things like that. Somebody else is at home right now saying I don't have any money at all to give or buy her anything.
BEN GREGO answered
If it were me, I'd give her a brand-new, crisp, twenty dollar bill...not too small an amount, and not too extravagant!!!
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I would say about $100. That sure isn't anything to sneeze at, and she can't complain about a gift. This doesn't make you look cheap, and it will help them to get on their feet hopefully. Hope this helps, good luck to you, have fun at the wedding.

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