I Was Invited To Be A Date At A Wedding Where I Don't Know Anyone, Should I Bring A Gift?


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If you've been invited as a date to a wedding I'd be inclined to let your date provide the wedding present.
Ask your partner what they are doing about any presents because they are the one who presumably knows the couple who are getting married. I would definately discuss this with your date.
You could offer to share some of the cost of a present but that depends on how long you've been together. I don't think your date would expect you to have to contribute in this case if you haven't been together long.
You could choose a really attractive card and wish the couple well.
If the couple marrying don't know you they won't notice the fact that you haven't given a gift as they wouldn't be expecting one in the first place.
Just ask your date, go along and have a great time because I'm sure no-one would expect you to be buying gifts at this stage in the relationship.
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Being invited to a wedding as someone's date can feel very awkward. Often times you are a stranger among friends and, if your date is in the wedding party, you may find yourself alone for much of the festivities. While you are not obligated to bring a wedding gift, to do so is perfectly acceptable. If your date is a steady one, whose life you plan to be in for a while, this may be a good idea to start yourself off on the right foot with the new crowd. Don't feel as though you have to find something expensive. Find something with a neutral tone that doesn't readily appeared to be cheap, wrap it up nicely and sign the card. You'll get kudos from your date as well as from the new group for your thoughtfulness and don't be surprised if they start inviting to other parties in the future.

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