Why Can't I Stop Thinking About Sex?


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yesenia delgadillo Profile
It's perfectly normal.   Try exercising in the nights it will get you exhausted and at least you go to sleep.  Don't be a shame of your sexuality
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Brandi lol
Brandi lol commented
thanks I'll try that tonight (i was up until like 4 a.m. last night...not that you wanted to know that)
but is there anything i can also do during the day?
Elory Chihuahua
Elory Chihuahua commented
Because u wanna do it :)
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amanda dennis answered
Get your mind off sex and relax... You do have friends right?!? Talk to them to see what they are up to? maybe go hang out and get out of the house!
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Brandi lol
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i have friends but when i go over their houses it doesn't stop.
and the point of me asking this question is because i can't "get my mind off sex" if i could and the answer were that simple why would i need your help with it?
anitha rajendran Profile
Do something with grabs your attention... Like spend time with your friends.. At that time... Don't try to stop it.. If so.. It will always grow ..... It is your teenage.... So it is not wrong thinking about that... But play games.....

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