What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls A Guy 'Dear'?


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When a girl calls a guy “dear”, it usually just means that she’s fond of him - I wouldn’t get your hopes up for anything more.

Why Do Girls Call People "Dear"?
When I call someone “dear”, I’m normally being affectionately patronizing - I don’t ever say it seriously!

However, my best friend calls her male friends “dear” all the time.

I don’t know any women who call a guy “dear” because they have a crush on them, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen!

It might help if you listen to this girl when she's talking to other people. Does she call a lot of people "dear", or is it just you? Some girls use it all the time, whereas others only do it when they're being affectionate.

So, Does She Have A Crush On Me Or Not?
I think you’re probably reading too much into this one - I mean, the girl could be flirting with you, but you’d have to look at what else she’s doing in order to determine if she is or not.

Usually, a good sign that a girl likes you is if she keeps making eye contact, smiling, and making excuses to talk to you. It’s not difficult to tell if a girl is flirting or not - you just need to pay attention!
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She might just be a very friendly, flirty kind of person who calls everybody "dear." Don't look for hidden meanings in simple things.

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