My Four Year Old Screams At Me, Cusses, Hits , Kicks, Bites. He Beats On Himself And He Constantly Talks Back To Me. Is This ADHD Or Something Else?


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It is possible he may be hyperactive, but not necessarily due to adhd. It could be a dietary problem. Is he fond of sweets . Try reducing them and see if his behaviour settles. If he is attention seeking and you react to his tantrums, he may look on this as being rewarded for his actions. Try ignoring him when he acts up, and reward him when he is settled. That way he will get the message that good behaviour gets rewarded and bad behaviour gets ignored.
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I would watch the behavior to see if it escalates. My 4 year hits himself and others, breaks toys, and experiences hysterical and inappropriate laughing fits. I have 3 older children and knew that this is not  normal 4 yr old behavior. Despite many different discipline measures and various positive reinforcements, we found it necessary to take him for an evaluation with a child Psychiatrist.  He has been diagnosed with mood disorder. Doctor will not make a definitive dx until he is older. He is now taking Abilify, he is a new child. He cries less frequently, no longer harms himself, his anger is under control . He told me he was happy, he hasn't been happy or liked himself for several months.
I had him evaluated because I wanted to know 'one way or the other'. I knew that I needed to learn from a professional how to help manage this child's life.
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I would talk to the child's doctor and see what he think's because it could be that he is showing signs of Autistic behavior.The Autistic spectrum has many varing behaviors. But your child's doctor can tell you the best information about what your four year old is going through. It could be nothing more than a normal badly acting four year old. But talk to your child's doctor. If you have a need for more information on autism there are many good places on-line. I have a child with Aspergers, who did behave in some of these ways when he was young. But that might only be one of those things coincidentally.You need to see what his doctor thinks. Good luck.
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Autism mutism!!! Mental illness!!etc...Give me a break!! This child is behaving like a perfectly normal four year old! Believe me.. From a mom with much knowledge and experience, that's what MOST 4 year olds do. He is testing his world and you, over and over and over again.
Young preschool children react to their world in many many different ways. They are growing physically and mentally extremely fast right now, and they are confused and can;t handle it themselves. Lots of love , good examples, ( my 4 year old seems to think he needs to smack our large and overbearing puppy who is 60 lbs and play bites. I kept scolding him for it and time outs but nothing worked. Now when my son is around all I do with the dog is kiss him and hug him and tell him what a good dog he is and you know what?? That's what my son does now) , and maybe, just maybe limiting his refined sugar intake just to see if that helps a little guy cope in a big big world.
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Lmlmom! You ROCK, I was beginning to think that my son was some kind of outcast. He's not quite four yet and has really just now begun to act out. He bites and scratches his little sister, and scratches his friend in the face. And sometimes now he goes after our Golden Retriever, who is sweet as can be thank goodness. I give my son time-outs each time, but I sometimes feel like I'm not making any headway. You made me feel normal, and I really like your approach with the dog. Thank You
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Do you give him a lot of attention?It could be that he wants you to pay attention to him. Is there violence in the home? He could be seeing it. If there is no real reason for you may need to see a doctor and have him look into it.
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its mostly his age try to get him occupied on games coloring he may need to burn off his energy outside playing he just doesn't know how to vent his frustrations give him attention explain to him that we don't do things like that & just set a good example on how do deal w/ positive behavior good luck I am going through the same but not as extreme try grounding him from his favorite thi9ngs this works fast set a structured day times for everything if all else fails call nanny 911 good luck he will grow out of it
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This is a child that is in dire need of help, perhaps you could start with an appointment with a child therapist if you have health insurance. Dr. Phil wrote a good book called Family Matters that addresses some of these more sensitive subjects. There could be several reasons of which none can be ignored. You are his or her voice and the one who will fight the hardest for his or her needs. You will feel frustrated and worn out at times but never give up. When a child hits himself they are in pain and it is the only way they can tell you that something is wrong that they cannot communicate in words. I wish you the very best, I know how very hard it is as I am the Mother of an adult learning disabled son .
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Maybe you might need to be more consistent with punishment for bad behavior. And maybe try a timer for timeouts, one that rings loud so he knows how long he has to be in time out for and when he is done. Be sure to explain to him why he is being put in time out and how the timer works. And maybe instead of making him sit on a chair for time outs put him in a corner or a isolated place with no distractions or anything for him to do but keep a close eye on him and if he leaves time out reset the timer and be consistent. And talk to his teachers and find out if he is doing the same thing there and make a plan to help him.
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Yes he gets plenty of attention. Maybe too much. No there is no violence and I monitor what he watches. He also goes to Pre-K during the day.
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This could be a form of autism, you should have him be seen by a therapist that can diagnose this. Although I do not believe medicine is the solution for every problem, there are so many things that could cause him to be doing this. Much of what a child does is learned behavior, so he is seeing this somewhere. If it is not in the home, then you should really be looking at the day care provider. This should be taken care of immediately before he hurts himself or someone else.
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My 8 year old does the same thing. I have to hold him down till he stops. Then he threatens to tell school I'm trying to kill him when all I am doing is trying to stop him from hurting me.  He does all kinds of sports and all. He don't do this when his dad is home. I am his step mom and when his dad goes to work its like a light switch is turned on and he starts
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I have adhd he could have to have take meds every day like I do, you could also talk to a family consultor about it. I have had it for a while you could do like a repeat thing to him every time he talks back or cusses.

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