Have You Ever Heard A Rumor About Yor Friend And Never Wanted To Tell Them So You Didnt Hurt Their Feelings?


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First don't believe on rumors. Only believe the things which you hear from your ears and which you see from your eyes. If someone say you something then tell him/her that you don't want to listen and tell them if you want to tell then the tell the person about whom you want to talk.

If someone has bad intentions about your friend and it might harm him/her then you should talk to your friend about the situation.
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If you know those rumors to be false, defend your friend. It might not be the worst to inform her about those rumors as long as she knows she has your support. All in all, the best thing to do is ignore rumors. They are usually the result of jealousy and cruelty and don't deserve acknowledgement.
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Katarzyna Guernsey
well put robbier44!
Diane Bart
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I agree on the jealousy , i don't know why people have to outright hurt someone because they are jealous of them or their lifestyle , it's so malicious ! I avoid people like that .
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Hi, I have been told several things about my friends that I know would only hurt them. I will never repeat them to my friends and I hope they respect me enough to do the same. My motto is a friend does not say things that they know will hurt their friends. I always try to be a good friend. Most of the time, I am. We all fall short sometimes!
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First I'd check the source after all the person may be known as a lair
second I'd try to shield my friend from harm after all what are friends for
I believe that you must help and support your friend since rumours bring only detestation.

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