What Can I Use To Play With Myself. I Am A Girl?


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I'm a little younger than you but I learned a lot from my older sister.You have to use your imagination. Look around your house.A small green banana with a condom is pretty good.Make sure whatever it is is clean. I like to use my fingers. My hand held shower head is really good to, spray that one spot and finger myself. I can get wet and use a little baby oil, put my legs up have fun. I know my little sister watches me sometimes and for some reason it makes me more excited.
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This is not my answer. Don't know how it got credited to me. Don't know how to delete it either.
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That's OK, Bruce435.  There's no shame in what you're doing as long as you and the banana are both consenting to it.  Do you peel the banana slowly, bringing your passion to a peak?  Do you take the banana's soft, white body between your warm, wet lips and suck its meat down your throat, savoring its delicate juice?  Why do you use a condom, Bruce435?  Learn to enjoy each other naturally and fully.  Let your passion and lust be your guides.  When you're ready to bring your relationship to the next level, remember that bananas can be found in bunches.

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