Why Does My Husband Always Shout At Me?


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He has low self worth. He feels bigger
When he shouts at you,if you shout
Back, he'll shout louder and louder until
You become a nervous wreck.Leave this
Toad, spend time getting to know yourself
Better.Then you will be able to spot another
Yeller in a heart beat! Freedom is peaceful.
Good Luck!:-)
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Because he is high-strung,and, has a high toadstool to clime off of... And he doesn't stop to think first how it can tear you down inside...nor does he know what it feels like to be shouted at by some one who is suppose to love you... Best wishes for you and yours.
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People can speculate about why your husband shouts at you but there is only one person who truly knows why. Obviously, it is your husband who has the answer you seek. It is awful to be shouted at repeatedly, and I suggest that you pick a quiet time to talk with him and ask him why he shouts so much. Otherwise, you are never really going to know. If you explain how his behavior affects you, without being accusatory, he is more likely to open up to you. I wish you joy (and silence). ~Pasha

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