Can I Ask A Question About Sad Love Quote?


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The best thing to do is apologize in your own words, not someone else's. It will sound much more heartfelt and if you truly messed up then she deserves to hear you speak from your heart. If you would rather sit quietly by yourself and write everything down then do so and give it to her in a letter. Sometimes that's easier, and she will definitely appreciate it more if you aren't quoting some kind of knock-off Shakespeare garbage. Just listen to your heart.
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Yes, seekingdog is right. You have to say "I'm sorry I was wrong" it's hard for a guy to admit that he is sorry or that he was wrong but we must remember that we are always never right.
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I will always remember,one of my friends said,"love means never say sorry!"

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"Love means you never have to say you are sorry." I read this sentence about 8 years ago in the novel "love story", moved a lot, coz jenny was dead in the end :(...
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No, you needn't  to apologize to her, just hug her tight, and tell her you don't want to lose her. She can feel your love through your sincere eyes and a tight hug. Your love for her is more useful than any other beautiful words.
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