Do You Have Any Love Quotes About Lonliness And Love?


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Here Are Some Beautiful Quotes About Loneliness And Love... "Too Often We Don't Realize What We Have, Until It's Gone. Too Often We're Too Stubborn To Say "Sorry, I Was Wrong." Too Often It Seems We Hurt The Ones Closest To Our Hearts, And We Let The Most Foolish Things Tear Us Apart."  "There Are Things That We Don't Want To Happen But Have To Accept, Things We Don't Want To Know But Have To Learn, And People We Can't Live Without But Have To Let Go."  "If You Love Something Let It Go, If It Comes Back To You It Was Always Yours, If It Doesn't It Never Was, And Is Not Meant To Be."  "You Say You Love The Rain, But You Use An Umbrella To Walk Under It. You Say You Love The Sun, But You Seek Shade When It's Shining. You Say You Love The Wind, But When It Comes You Close Your Window. So That's Why I'm Scared When You Say You Love Me..."  "My Heart Longs For You, My Soul DIES For You, My Eyes CRY For You, And My EMPTY Arms Reach Out For You."  "I Asked You If I Was PRETTY, You Said NO. I Asked You If I Was FAT, You Said YES OF COURSE. I Asked You If You WANTED To Be With Me FOREVER, You Said NO. I Asked You If You Would CRY If I Walked Away, You Said NO. I Had Heard Too Much, And Needed To Leave And, As I Walked Away... You Grabbed My Arm And Told Me To STAY. You Said... Your Not PRETTY Your BEAUTIFUL. The Only Thing FAT, Or BIG, About You Is Your HEART. I Don't WANT To Be With You Forever, I NEED To Be With You Forever. And, I Wouldn't CRY, If You Walked Away... I Would DIE."  "I Love You Not Only For What You Are, But For What I Am, When I Am With You."  "To Love Is Nothing...To Be Loved Is Something...To Love And Be Loved Is Everything..."  "I Miss When My Fingers Were Entangled In Yours, And My Head Was Close To Your Chest, Listening To Your Heart Beat. It Made Me Feel So Safe; Like Nothing Bad, Could Happen To Me"  "I Cry For The Time, That You Were Almost Mine, I Cry For The Memories, I've Left Behind, I Cry For The Pain, The Lost, The Old, The New, I Cry For The Times I Thought I Had You..."  "I Want A Guy Who Calls Me Beautiful Instead Of Hot, Who Calls Me Back, When I Hang Up, Who Will Stay Awake, To Watch Me Sleep. The Boy Who Kisses My Forehead. Who Wants To Show Me Off To The Whole World. Who Thinks I'm Pretty Without Makeup On. The One Who Is Constantly Reminding Me, Of How Much He Cares About Me, And How Lucky He Is To Have Me..."  "Over And Over I Tried... And Over And Over You Lied... And Over And Over I Cried... And I Just Don't Know Why..."  "I Wish I Could Forget You. Like I Forget Everything I've Studied Seconds Before My Exam..."  "I'll Never Forget These Words...

There's No One I'd Rather Be With Than You... I'll Never Hurt You. You're The Most Important Person In My Life. You Mean The World To Me. Call Me Anytime, And I'll Be Here For You. I'll Never Forget You. Hug Me. You Mean So Much To Me. I'll Care About You Forever. You Make Me Smile. You Complete Me. Kiss Me. I Trust You. Be With Me. You Know Me Better Than Anyone Else In The World. Sweet Dreams. I Wish You Were Here With Me Right Now. I'd Be Lost Without You. I Miss You. I'll Do Whatever You Want. I Need You. I Want To Be With You For The Rest Of My Life. Let Me Spend The Night With You. I Love You. I'll Protect You. I Promise I'll Go Slow With You. You Said All These Things, But You Never Meant To Say Them..."  "I Asked God For A Flower, He Gave Me A Bouquet. I Asked God For A Minute, He Gave Me A Day. I Asked God For True Love, He Gave Me That Too. I Asked God For An Angel, He Gave Me You."  "If I Had A Flower, For Every Time You Made Me Smile And Laugh... I'd Have A Garden To Walk In Forever."  "Do What Makes You Happy, Be With Who Makes You Smile. Laugh As Much As You Breathe, Love As Long As You Live." 
I Hope This Answered Your Question. I Am Known For Writing Meaningful Quotes About Life, Love, Friendship And More. The One's I Wrote Above Are About Loneliness And Love Since That Is What You Wanted. If You Need More Clarification, Feel Free To Ask, And I'll Be More Than Willing To Clarify My Answer.
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"I do not love you for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you"
"No one deserves your moan and the one who do, will never create you cry"
"When an important person does not love you as you want, then that does not mean he/she does not love you with the entire mind"
"A true pal is the one who holds your hands and touches your feeling"
"Never discontinue smiling, not even when you are depressing, because your determination never know who may drop in love with your smile"
"Maybe to the world you are just a further person, but for some community, you are the whole world"

"Don't waste your instant on somebody who is not manslaughter time on you"
"Maybe God's needs for you to meet as many bad people as you can previous to meeting a good one .... Only then you'll be thankful"
"Don't cry when something is over but grin that that happened"
"There will for eternity be somebody to criticize you ... but persist to have faith and be careful who you may hope again"

"Try to become a better individual and beware of who you are ahead of meeting somebody and expect beginning him/her to identify who you are"
"Don't waste your time consecutively the best thing happens when you least expect them to"
"Forgive you enemies, but never remember their names"
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