Can You Describe A Situation When You Found Yourself Dealing With Someone Sensitive? What Happened?


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According to some people sensitivity is a sometimes works as a strength, person who is sensitive usually does everything while taking into consideration as the same situations happens upon him. Dealing with a sensitive person is yet another difficult task to do. Because there is a high chance for a person to get upset in any of you're saying and doing. Therefore it is very important to take all precautionary measures before talking or stated arguing to the sensitive person.

Sometimes sensitivity also he helpful for an organization while they hire a person, they think that such people will very less trouble making. They understand organization behavior very well and will help in solving the tough solutions.

I went through a situation when I have to convince one of my colleagues regarding his relationship with her girlfriend. He kept on saying that she doesn't care a lot for him and now he wants to finish the relationship. But when I went into depth I found that there was nothing but misunderstanding less giving time to each other.
So I would suggest to better wait rather than to act foolishly.
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The person suddenly stopped talking to you. One should realize that people have different tolerance levels. You may say things which you do not find offending to yourself but if you say the same things to someone who has a different culture or a different way of thinking, he or she may feel offended. One of the major factors while people take to offence is because of the upbringing. In such a case, the best thing to do is to apologize first before saying anything so that there are no hard feelings.
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Yes, I have been in such a situation numerous times.
Different people go through difficult periods at different times, and at these times, they may become completely sensitive to what people say to them, and it is quite easy for them at this time to misinterpret what has been said, and to bring in an entirely different message into the picture.
Some other people are sensitive by nature, and it can indeed be quite tough to deal with them on a daily basis.
My colleague was a sensitive person. She would keep a watch on who was saying what to her, and build it up into something entirely different. This became so very difficult for everyone around her that finally a group of us decided to tell her to change her ways, or else, leave.
She decided to leave, because she felt too hurt to cope with what had been said.
I thank God everyday that I am not an overly sensitive person, although I do enjoy the sensitive side of life.
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The situation in which the giving of information was required briefly describe what happened
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I have been in this type of situation many a time.

If you face sensitive people in personal life, you need to be more watchful in your words and smooth in handling the person.

Whereas in professional life, you need to be a bit tough.

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