Is There A Law Which Restricts A Stepchild From Calling His Stepparent Mom/Dad? I Was Advised That There Was A Law Being Considered In The State Of Florida That Would Prohibit Step Parents Being Called Mom/dad By Their Stepchildren.


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Every religion and society have different family laws which make the people of that particular areas to adopt rules and regulations and pass their lives accordingly and in a good manner. Without laws no society can be called a civilized society.
So far the question about the stepchild whether their should be restrictions to a stepchild for calling his step parents Mum and Dad, I hundred percent agree to that restriction. Every relation whether it is real or step relation, it should be very well recognized. Islam strictly prohibits such relations.

There is a clear-cut indication In the Holy Quran that stepchildren should be called by the names of their actual father and mother. In the same way Holy Quran prohibits stepchildren to call their stepparents Mom and Dad. There is a deep logic behind this law in Quran. If we don't act upon the teachings of the Holy Quran, we shall face many social problems. I can give thousands of examples that the people who did not bother about this law have Quran and faced difficulties later.

So far the law of restriction calling stepparents mum and dad being established in the state of Florida is concerned, I think it was being considered in the image of Islamic law.
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I am fasinated with this piece of info. Can you please tell me what place in the Holy Quran it says this? I have issues to solve, and I cannot find the ayat on google.
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Thank you for your response. Even though I am a Christian, I can agree to your views on how the Holy Quran's law pertains to this subject. We are hoping this law passes so my grandson will not continue to be put in the middle, by his father and stepmother. This situation goes farther than meets the eye. It is to the point that she has been trying to convince my Grandson that she, in fact, gave birth to him and his mother is nothing more than a Good Friend. The really scary fact is ... According to my 7 year old grandson... his stepmother believes this.

The up side to this is that he is really asking questions and my daughter is answering him in a way that does not give him any negative ideas about his homelife with them. God is so Awesome and we are beginning to see answers to our prayers that his eyes would be open to the truth about this whole situation and that he can love both mom and dad and his stepparents without losing perspective as to who mom and dad really are and how each fits into his life.
Again, I appreciate you taking the time to answer me. God Bless you and Peace be with you.

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