My Friend Just Lost Her Job And Is Really Upset. How Do I Console Her?


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Carolyn Jones answered
Losing a job is not a nice thing to happen to anyone. Regardless of the reason for the loss of the job, your friend is now faced with some real financial issues and job hunting can be a very slow process.

It is always hard to console a friend. As human beings we naturally want to 'imitate' the behaviour so that the other person means more comfortable. But remember that you being upset won't help them.

Invite them over to your home - away from their stress - so you can have a chat. Avoid alcohol if you can as it is a depressant. Instead why not try some iced fruit smoothies.

Let your friend talk out their worries and fears - they will need to. But then remind of them of how much potential they have. Perhaps point out to them their old childhood dreams and the great opportunity they now have. Remember as one door closes, another one opens!
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Well its very sad ,so you should do first that don't go in front of with sad face and don't say about her job again and again. Do talk about something different which she likes or via which she can chill, take her outside from her home to your home or anywhere else like restaurant or any place she usually like and say her that its not a big deal. She can get the other job very soon and the next job will be must better then the previous one,so just chill. That's it.

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