What Does It Mean When Someone Says: 'I Can't Resist You?'


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If someone says they can't resist you, it means their feelings for you have become so strong that they are overwhelming.

In most cases, when someone tells you they can't resist you, it shows that they like you so much that they can't hold back any longer.

However, you may want to look a little closer into their choice of words.

Read on to see what I mean:

What does 'I can't resist you' mean?

If you've got feelings for someone, hearing them say they can't resist you is a very good thing.

It means that you are so beautiful, interesting, attractive and appealing that the person in question simply can't control their feelings any longer.

This is all well and good, until you take a closer look at the choice of words.

The use of the word 'resist' implies there was a reason to hold back in the first place.

Whilst this might not mean anything much, it could also be a clue that there's more to this statement than meets the eye.

Why would someone be trying to resist me?

The reasons someone might be trying to keep their feelings for you under wraps are numerous:

One of the most obvious is that he or she might already be in a relationship. 

Alternatively, the person might think that a relationship with you could result in some sort of negative outcome - but is too tempted by your appearance or personality to be able to stay away.

Whilst the statement isn't inherently negative, it's worth considering exactly what is meant by it.
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It means they love you.

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