Why Are Women So Hard To Understand?


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Wel, no one is hard to understand, as long as you are willing to understand someone. Everyone needs to be understood at some point of time, and one should always respect that. You can't understand anyone unless and until they are willing to be understood by you. Giving space to each other is very much required in any kind of relationship. If you truly want to understand a women, then first you need to know how to respect their presence, their feelings, and above all that woman as a person. Knowing someone is not something that you can put a timeline one, one can read through you in mere a few minutes of interaction, and for some it takes an entire lifetime. Generally girls are shy in nature and they don't want to be understood so soon, as they have a sneaky feeling that it might risk their reputation, and its normal. You need to understand that there are people who want to be understood and they are very open and you will get along with someone like that very well only  if you are like that, but people who don't open up too soon to others, with them you need to be patient and you should give respect to their not opening up mindset. It's normal to feel insecured, and not to show up everything to everybody. For some girls are the toughest creation to be read by men, and for some women is a beautiful creation to be understood and honour. Espect, Honour, and Truthfulness will always help you understand a woman. They are also human like we are. They are not aliens. Understand a girl when she needs to be understood, don't force things into it. Its a beautiful experience when you achieve that point wher you can say that you have a heart of a woman. As that's the most priceless thing known to men....
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There is a book called understanding women. I read it at a restaurant I was at one day and bought it. LOL it's a humorous book. We can't understand them and they don't understand us. Plain and simple. A lot has to do with our thought processes. I know it can be difficult to understand a woman from time to time especially when she won't give you a straight answer cause that's what us men like staight and to the point. You can go to the library and read books all you want but in the end your still going to have trouble understanding. Here's one

Understanding the Woman in Your Life: A Man's Guide to a Happy Relationship

By Steve Vinay Gunther

Illustrated by Andrew Weldon

Edition: Illustrated

Published by Finch Publishing, 2005

ISBN 187645167X, 9781876451677

288 pages

When you find the right woman you won't have to read a book to understand her.

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We're written in Sanskrit :)

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