I have been dating a great lady for a while yet lately its soured. The other day we were in my truck (I keep clean) she got up to leave and there was blood(period) on the seat. Then she left. I told her no more in my truck. Was that mean?


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Yes your a jerk! She should spit on your seat which will get her blood out... And then dump your pathetic materialistic butt!

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I believe your no Man,  you are what my late mom called my Father, a Mouse that means that's how little of a Man you are a size of a Mouse. You should have more respect for Women and furthermore stay away from dating Women cause they can do a hell of lot better than you. Accidents do happen and so what if she had a accident that is one thing i told my ex-girlfriends , i would never get mad or upset if something of that source happened.

My very first girlfriend threw up on my kitchen floor cause she took sick at my house i got stuff and cleaned it up cause she was too sick to clean it up and nope it did not bother me cause at that time i truly loved her and i totally respected her but see with you that is the difference there is no way you have respect for Women or you would of took things different . Furthermore your hiding behind anonymous so that tells me that your a Meat Head= Dead from the neck down ( Quote from Archy Bunker) . So buddy you need to move on with life and for the sakes of  the Dear Lord leave the Women alone they deserve much better.

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So what do you think she did it on purpose just to embarrass herself? Grow up and grow a pair, you're obviously still an immature little boy, you're absolutely uncouth and have no class, you don't deserve a girlfriend..... Here's a thoughtful by yourself a goat.

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