It’s been about 6 months since I haven’t spoken to my ex. I miss her. I’m thinking about writing her a letter to get her back or maybe visit?


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Perry Nuttal answered

Telephone call or letter may be preferable, she might not want you turning up on her doorstep,  there was a reason you broke up.

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carlos Striker answered

One cannot walk back into one's life at whims and fancy?

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Tom Jackson answered

Relationships are habituating---sometimes they take a while to wind down.

Talk to her and see how she feels about what you want..

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Leelee Bug answered

Thing is, all love has their issues. You broke up for a reason. With such little information, it's a little hard to give you a good response. Some girls want their ex's back. Some don't want to have anything to do with them. It all depends on how you broke up. Think about it. What did you do to break you two up? Or what did she do to break you two up? Without knowing that question, you might not find an answer.

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How old are you!?? What year are you in!?!? A letter!?!?!?

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