I care for both my parents that are 78 years old. I moved in 2 years ago I get free rent they pay all bills and believe 50.00 per week is enough pay. What do ya'll say about this? Please Advise


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i think its good that youre helping thern, not sure if you knew this but rnedicaid will pay you to take care of farnily rnernbers

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thats really awesome, just help them out with whatever they need, and help with groceries and things like that.

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That can be a difficult job. Make sure that you can get some time off for yourself. Some respite help. Allow some time to take care of yourself. A lot of caretakers don't schedule that kind of time off.

It's a wonderful thing that you are doing !

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I think you're asking if $50/week is enough pay.

To answer your question, we would need to know what the average caretaker with your education/experience is paid in your area.  Then figure in how much your parents are paying for your share of the bills, and what comparable rent would cost you.

Chances are (based on personal experience with similar situations) you are not being paid enough.

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It can  be very painful to realize that your parents, who used to be strong and independent, can no longer take care of themselves.  We want our parents to be safe and comfortable because we love them. It gives us peace of mind knowing that our parents are cared for.  What you are doing is displaying the best LOVE you can have for your parents.  So the question to you is:  How much is caring for your parents worth?  Unfortunately, we live in a world that dictates to us how important money is to us.  So, do your research regarding care for the elderly and once you have the answers you need then lovingly discuss the matter with your parents.    Proverbs 1:5 says:  A wise person listens and takes in more instruction;  A man of understanding acquires skillful direction*.

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People are turning home into empty nest, if you are filling it with love and affection especially to them in their twilight years I would say Kudos to you. Retirement homes kills before their time, give them what they gave you abundantly when you're young.

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