Is it child abuse if I'm 12 and my parents make me babysit my siblings all day (I'm homeschooled)?


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How strenuous is the babysitting work they make you do? 12 years old is not an uncommon age for people to start babysitting for others. The difference is though, if you receive verbal/physical abuse or the babysitting work is unnecessarily tough, then it may be abuse.

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A baby-sitter makes it possible for mom and dad to get some needed relief from time to time. And if they both have outside jobs, a baby-sitter sees to it that the children will be properly supervised until the parents arrive home. True, your parents may be able to afford hiring an outsider to baby-sit. But wouldn’t they feel more secure knowing that their smaller children were in the hands of a capable and loving family member?

Granted, the responsibility to care for your siblings ultimately falls upon your parents. But your helping out as a baby-sitter can assist your parents in fulfilling their duties. It is also a way to “honor your father and your mother.”

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dude its called 'time with your family.' and obviously it is not child abuse. There are way worse things. Enjoy the time !!

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Child abuse is a noun;

  1. mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, beating, and sexual molestation.
Spending time with your family is neither of the above, hopefully.
Being a kid, you think family and mushy stuff is gross, but you won’t know how good family is until you’re older or your parent(s) have died.
Being a kid is the greatest joy in the world. When you’re older or your parents have gone, you’ll miss them. You’ll miss your mom, dad, little siblings.

Spend time with them, it won’t kill you. :)

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