im crying right now? i lost this group of close friends even though i apologize countless of times but they feel very awkward? i really don't feel the point of living? please be kind. i been crying for hours


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well first of all...stop crying... you said that u apologized countless of times then theres no need to feel sad. They DONT DESERVE YOU. Even tho thye might be better looking  , popular, A-graders , dont need them.

when life hits you with such things, learn that everything happens for a reason and who knows, your good lies in staying away from them?

so i know its hard,,but easy to say , but this is the most i can say right now.

now here comes two choices..

1.Do you want to stay in depression and sadness just cos of a couple of "people" who dont want to be your "close" friend anymore?

2.Or do you want to calm down, get life sorted, your priorities sorted, shake it off and move on and go on to find better people ?

so there you go, its totally on cheer up and make the right choice! :)

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Your life is worth living. You made a mistake and paying for it. We all make mistakes. Sometimes it takes awhile for others to forgive those mistakes. You need to learn from this. Remember how it feels and how disappointed your friends are in you for whatever you did. That way you won't do it or something similar in the future.

If you need someone to talk to here is the number for the suicide prevention hotline. They can help you deal with this.


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We only have this one life.

If things feels bad for you, then they will get better, they always do. Life has a certain Ebb and Flow to it . . . Learn from the low points and thrive during the high points . . . Your high point is just around the corner.

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They don't sound like true friends , but we don't know how bad you messed up that needed an apology.

Chances are even if they forgive you and welcome you back into the fold, somewhere in your head you will always harbor a little resentment about how they treated you concerning this situation.

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Where is your mom? A sister? An aunt? You shouldn't be alone if your this upset.

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I want to start by saying that I am zoo sorry.  Some times we make life altering mistakes. But know mistake is that bad that we can not recover from it. Don't let the guilt get to you. Give your friends  time, it really heals all wounds.[search_id]=14b5a787-7c42-45e2-812f-3713963e53c5&insight[search_result_index]=6. I found this article very helpful. Hope it can be helpful to you

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We all make mistakes. Some more serious than others. If those 'friends' can't see that, they don't deserve u. I know its hard but try to find a way to move on.

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