I have this feeling in the bottom of my stomach where - I don't even know what it is like. I just feel like crying. Any one know what's happening?


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nata nata answered

Have you ever been depressed? Maybe you're anxious about something or you have a missing spot in your life. Find something to fill whatever is missing; go out and do stuff or maybe find a hobby to block this feeling.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

It's called being overwhelmed or stressed out to the max. You probably tend to hold in more than what you should for whatever reason so after a while all this builds up and you cant handle it all anymore so you break down and cry to relieve some of the tension. So basically you need to quit sweating the small stuff and learn how to break the big things in your life into smaller ones and then don't sweat them as life is too short here. Good luck and Merry Christmas

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Lynn Blakeman answered

I'm sorry you are feeling this way, I have been there too and it really isn't good. The best thing you can do is to dig yourself out, just purposely say to yourself that no, you are not going to sink into depression, and that life is for living.

After that you just need to concentrate on things that make you happy - listen to music you particularly like, visit a friend, go to a movie, anything that will put a spring in your step!

Of course if there is an actual problem that is depressing you (rather than just everything getting on top of you), then you should do all you can to change it. Look at it logically and ask yourself "what you can do to make it better?"

If you still don't feel right, don't put up with this feeling! See a doctor who will be able to refer you to a counsellor. 

I know that sounds like a big deal, but it's really not and anything that helps is worth pursuing, right?

You probably don't want to go down the prescription drugs route, and it's better if you can get over this without medication, but there are pills that the doctor can give you to ease this feeling too, even just for a while... until you have fought the demons that are causing your melancholy.

I hope you feel better very soon.

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