There is one classmate who seems to be only interested in speaking to intellectual people and doesn't care about those who she thinks inferior to hers. She also brags or proud of her personal life. How can I deal with this kind of person?


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Nice Girl answered

how does this sound " mind your own business" ?

i mean , unless you like her. Then you can go and throw some funny tantrums and get to talk to her but if no then , you dont have to deal with her, its not your duty to deal with idiots, just ignore her, dont talk to her, its not necessary you talk to every person in class, and as you say shes a bragger and a bit haughty, im sure she wont be interested in talking to you dont worry, shes just a passerby...

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Tom Jackson answered

She sounds like a very boring person. 

Personally, I make it a point to avoid such people.

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Michael Poland answered

You draw to you what you need in life,

to grow and learn and experience.

Some times you have to fasten your seat belt.

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If they aren’t talking to you, ignore them. Just talk to your friends, do your work, or put in headphones if possible.

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