Wife is beautiful and caters to me, yet I can't stop cheating. Any ideas on ways to make me stop?


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You owe some respect to your wife. Confess and then divorce her and let her find a life with a GOOD man.

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Maybe you should google Lorena Bobbitt .

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Tom Jackson answered

I can help.

Drop by around 3 AM.  Dress all in black and pry open the back door.

".... No worries---For the rest of your days"

Hakuna Matata

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First of all you would have to castrate yourself. But chances are you have a psychological problem which means it's not really your penis you are satisfying... It's more of a selfishness inside of you which you can't contain. So my suggestion is a lobotomy.

You need to give her divorce papers and tell her to get tested for diseases.

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Darik Majoren answered

I get it . . . You are impulsive.

You just find yourself in these situations? The answer is NO, you create the situations that you find yourself in. Whether you are consciously doing it doesn't matter . . . You are, unfortunately, a creature of habit, and your "Habit" just happens to be deplorable to monogamous relationships.

So either find a wife who will marry you with an open relationship (Because you are not going to change . . . You will keep cheating), or stay out of a marriage . . .

If you want to salvage this relationship, first start by communication, then maybe you and your wife can watch this video and decide whether or not you need to be neutered.

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You may have a sex addiction.

This could ruin your quality of life or,

end your life all together.

Don't take this lightly. This is a disease.

Get help right away. 

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