Is it okay to hate your parents and family?


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Depends on the parents and family. Some parents had no business being a parent. They mistreat, abuse and neglect their children. I see nothing wrong with someone hating a parent like that. If you "hate" them because they didn't allow you to go to concert with you party friends, then you really don't hate your parents as much as you hate their choice of parenting.  And if you do hate them for that, then it would be wrong. That would be a self-centered thing to do.

As for family, just about everyone has at least one family member they are less than thrilled with. But if you have a family of moochers, and users, it may be you may hate their life choices, but do you really hate them?

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"Hate" is a feeling..... Don't act on it.

My brother hates me. He disowned me. Said I was dead to him. I forgive him for MYSELF! I am free. He is the one in bondage. So do you want to be free or in shackles? That is an answer only you can answer for yourself my friend. ☺

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U may dislike your parents at times but your dad would take a bullet for u so love is stronge

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Hate is such a strong word . . .

I have personally felt it fine to keep them distant. Family are those that actually act like a family. When people start acting NOT like a family you can be okay with just sharing your genetic code with them and not anything else.

I have an older sister that I don't think I'll ever talk to. Most likely I might have a cordial conversation but that's it.

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Hate---feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone)

Hate is an emotion, and emotions are something we have no control of in that they arrive/arise unbidden---frequently as a defense mechanism to know we or someone else has been greatly wronged.

So hate is neither OK nor not-OK---it just is.

But whether you act in response to your emotions is largely within your control.

At any rate, if you are still living with your parents and family or if they control your decisions is some way, it's not unusual to feel that way, but it usually diminishes fairly quyickly.

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Darik Majoren
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Fantastic line my friend - "So hate is neither OK nor not-OK---it just is."
I might borrow it from time to time if you don't mind.
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By all means---I got the concept from something I read some years ago..

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