why is life so hard for someone whose not rich?


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Because this world revolves around money. 😔

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Life is hard for those who are rich. They just have a different set of problems.

Once you have money you must keep making it at that level. Also trust would be an issue. Who cares about the person or only likes them for what they can give them. People have been murdered over their money. Sometimes by close friends or family. I strongly believe that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. Be grateful for what you have and don't spend as much time thinking about what others have or what you don't. It is a waste of time.

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I have friend who married a pro wrestler. Life was good and she had money. They had two children. When her daughter was 3 years old she became very ill. They rushed her to the hospital. While treating the child they accidently gave her the wrong dose of medicine. She started seizing. Her daughter was permanently brain damaged. All the money in the world isn't going to fix that. The strain of taking care of a child that is growing physically, but stuck at the mental age of an toddler ended her marriage. Plus the career of a pro wrestler is a relatively short one.

It took years of legal action, but she eventually won her law suit against the hospital. While the settlement might seem large to some people it will never be enough. She had to build a house that was wheelchair accessible. She has to pay for nurses to come in. She had buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Not to mention the never ending medical bills. She an never take a vacation. She quit working to stay at home to care for her daughter.

Now at the beginning of this I mentioned she had two children. Her son was one of those kids that every parent hopes for. Kind, intelligent, socially involved. Not long after he graduated from college he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He fought as best he could, but lost that battle. His mother took are of him as well as his sister.

Having money through any of this didn't make it any less hard. My friend could also be bitter from all life has thrown at her,  but she isn't. She is thankful for having her children. Even though her marriage failed, she has since found someone else. Her husband not only didn't run from all her responsibilities, but has stepped up and been a big help. Life is what you make it. If something doesn't work out, change your course and find something that does. Plus I have often found that whatever didn't work out, has lead me to something better.

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Life is difficult for anyone who isn't grateful for what they have ... A lot or a little.

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No amount of wealth can offset being unhappy with oneself. No sum of money can cure poor health. No dollar figure can fix a broken family. Period. End of line.

Challenges will always present themselves in life, money is a great resource, but is not the answer to every problem; rich people can be some of the most unhappy folks you'll ever meet.

That rich and poor have different sets of problems does not nullify their impact to either group. But, that said, wealth certainly creates a POTENTIAL for an easier life, if used sanely and effectively. 

Its how you deal with the challenges of life that will determine how hard life is, no matter what your bank account balance is. 

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The longest-lived people in the world live on an island in Polynesia. They are VERY poor, on the edge of starvation, and live in shelters that do little more than keep the sun and rain off.

But they do not seem to be particularly unhappy, and they do live to an average of 87.

Making them wealthy would not make them happy, and would almost certainly shorten their lives.

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Life will toughen u up when your poor . The rich gets to go jail and they hate that

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I remember about 50 years ago my broker telling me that he had three friends who had problems involving their upcoming weekend.

The first had a 1500 mile trip that he had to make, but was concerned about where he could come up with the $200 for necessary new tires for his car.

The second had planned on flying to a vacation spot, but had received word that Friday morning that the hangar door had accidently been closed on the tail of his Beechcraft Bonanza and could not be repaired in time.

The third had planned to take his wife and children to their home in Colorado for the weekend, but his live-in nanny had gotten sick and would not be able to go.

I suspect the problems caused a similar kind and amount of stress in all three parties. 

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The question, "why is life so hard for someone whose not rich?". Firstly the things in your life you can control are yours to govern. They can be easy or difficult depending on you the individual. The things you cannot control are usually the most difficult to handle. However, if you are one who not only would like the toys of the rich and famous but frets oveir not having them then you are  the difficulty and self-inflecting the pain. 

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What people don't know is that life is still hard when you're rich. It's just that different people have different kind of problems.

And guess what? These problems will all seem trivial to the other person. If you took away all the material possessions and money from the wealthy people I know. They'll probably make it all back in due time. It's because they've gone through all the pain and suffering of working hard, and they remember how to do it all over again. Sometimes even better than before.

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