Do you like cats? I like them. I think that they are cute. Do you like them?


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I currently have a dog that I love, but I've had some wonderful cats over the years.  I still miss the last one, "Sweetpea".

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All life is saycret and cannot be replaced.

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I'm deathly allergic to cats, so no I don't really care for them. They don't seem to like me anyway, so I guess you could say the feelings are mutual between the cats and I.

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Seeing as how I have one.....I'd say I love them. :)

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Ancient Hippy
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I saw your Open Letter post on AM. Well written. It's a shame what has been allowed to go on by the owners/mods. I signed up a while ago and just couldn't take it and closed my account. I check the site every once in a while to see if Rosie is still there, and unfortunately, she is.
Karen aka Bailey's Mom
She is the reason the population there dwindled down to almost nothing. The owner doesn't care that the members are being ran off. It is a shame.
Ancient Hippy
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It's definitely a shame.

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