my granddaughter will not go in the backyard alone now after she got bit by a bee a few weeks ago. If we leave alone she cries. What to do?


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Not sure how old your granddaughter is, but you might give this a try. Put a couple of chairs outside near the door; if you have a table out there, put a treat out - lemonade and a couple of cookies.

Before you go outside, sit the granddaughter down. Take her hand - look into her eyes. "Jane, remember when you were stung a couple of weeks ago? I know that you are scared of going outside, so I am going to help you feel better. You and I are going to sit outside in those 2 chairs I have set up and we are going to sit and have a drink of lemonade. I want you to sit and do that with me."

Take her gently outside, sit her down with you by her side. Have a drink - be calm not rushed. Then go back inside. Ask her if she was scared of that or did she feel ok doing that with you. Try that again in an hour. Each time you go out, try moving the chairs further out so you are further from the door each time.

Acknowledge her fear, but don't feed into it. The more fuss is made, the more drama there will be over this. When you get about 3 feet from the door, stop for the day. See if you can check out a library book with pictures about bees so she can learn about them. Your goal is to meet the fear head on, acknowledge it and move on. Don't let her get stuck. Help her to deal with it.

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