When is my child old enough to start performing her own rituals? (I'm raising a pagan family) She is 10


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Looks like you are just looking for the "reaction" factor. What a shame. πŸ˜’

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Something to consider:

Typically, children without obsessive-compulsive disorder will be soothed and comforted by their rituals, whereas a child with OCD will experience only a fleeting calm.

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Jada Shakira Webster
Hmm...ok. Not the kind of answer I was looking for, but this is helpful 😊
Tom  Jackson
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The only answer I was competent to give you since I have no familiarity with the assumed circumstances from which your question arises.

Most children have rituals they develop. Parents provide certain rituals (bedtime ones for example). Not sure about what you are intending.
Jada Shakira Webster
Hmm, probably a bedtime ritual to start off with

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