None of the people I have been good friends with have ever remained my friend for a long period of time. After about a year they all fall apart. I feel like it's all my fault but none of them have told me why. What can I do?


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There are different types of friends. I have lots of "Casual Friends" who are people I might see once in a while but not on a regular basis. Then there is my "Social Friends" who are people I regularly socialise with. Then I have my best friends who I completely trust & if I'm having a hard time then I go to them for advice & share private matters with.

Having friends is not a competition, just be the best friend you can , be honest & willing to help out people who you can then similar minded people will gravitate towards you. A tip- You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep.

Don't take life too seriously otherwise you will never make it out alive!!

Good luck!!!

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Do you move around a lot? Have a traveling job? . . . Change jobs frequently? . . .

Most friendship with build are with people you might see every day . . . So, how are you avoiding these people?

It should be well known that a Social Media friend . . . Usually do not last. Unless you make some additional effort to actually visit them . . And even then.

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I am at school with her so we generally see each other every day.
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Ah, so even better is the ever shifting sands of the Great Social experiment known as "School" . . . In school we are still finding out who we are, what we like, and so on . . . The human brains is not only still undergoing major changes, but it is doing so when our body is undergoing major changes . . . from 7th grade well into college . . . our social needs change.
You can do it, but it is hard to forge life long friendship in the ever shifting foundation of School age social acceptance.
My son is in his 3 year of college . . . when he comes home for Christmas break . . . that circle of "Best Friends forever" grows a little further apart . . . it is called life my friend.
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this happens with me too, but remeber, friends come and go, dont be too serious about it or you wouldnt be able to even breathe, just take a deep breath , go on with life, do things you enjoy and even before you'd know it, you wouldve forgotten about it!

Remember--Life is meant to be lived,not easy.

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