First of all i have a girlfriend . Ok? And but i was basically single before that . Now when she becomes more and more over ly attached i feel like i dont want her .. is it somekind of problem .? And what to do?


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attached or clingy? Either way if you don't like her anymore, it looks like you should move on. You're wasting your and her time and heart, pretending to be in a relationship you no longer want.

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Problem could be your lack of commitment. 

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It would be interesting to know how a person can be "basically single". Is that like being only a little bit pregnant?

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I was alone for lets just say a long time.

It became a habit them I started to notice that

to a degree it was enhancing the ageing process.

This is why perhaps when people are older and they

loose they husband or wife they get a pet to fill the void.

I feel that I just feel better with someone, (the right one)

then with out. Maybe your just not ready. Follow your heart.

This is not mission impossible. But good luck Jim.

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