Would you or could you love someone, who punched you in the mouth and knocked out 4 of your teeth?


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That would seem to be a deal breaker and there's no forgiving that.

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Jann Nikka
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Yep. That's not all he did to her. Head-butted her head and broken her nose, pushed her out of a car when she was 8 months pregnant, broken her child's arm. She's I love him and don't and won't leave him.
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Virginia Lou answered

Dear JNicka,

Certainly I could love them and would too...

...from a distance, from that point forward.

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Jann Nikka
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Virginia, not intending to argue as well, again I have no love for anyone that would punch me or anyone in our mouths, regardless if they are disturbed, distressed or possessed. If they are violent, disturbed, distressed or possessed they should be seeking help. Not Assaulting others. See you on the next question. Thanks.
Virginia Lou
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Forgive me...there was no intention to give offense
Jann Nikka
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No reason to forgive you, there was NO offense, felt or taken. I really like to share thoughts comments, likes and dislikes, it's fun and interesting to know what others think, that's why we're here to learn, share and fun. See you another question 😄
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Sure, I'll give them some tough love.

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Otis Campbell answered

No way

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Nina Varganov answered

YES! No "but"s, if I loved them before I would continue to love them.

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Pepper pot answered

No, but we are talking about domestic abuse and that goes far deeper than the obvious. I have a friend who appears to pick violent and controlling men, she dates them thinking they are exciting and then they end up covering her in bruises, locking her in her house and taking her away from her family. If you spoke to her you would think she was a strong women who wouldn't tolerate such abuse, but there is something within her that keeps making bad choices. If anyone points this out to her it appears to push her closer to them. Of course to us the whole situation appears nuts.  I remember reading a book many years ago I think it was called Difficult Men, and it was about how to live with domestic abusers, which may seem controversial, but since these women do not see things like we do, it offers ways of responding to these type of men to avoid their outbursts.  It isn't done in a pleading or begging manner, it is in fact completely the opposite. So if you can get hold of a book that deals with that it might be useful in the interim, at least until she realises like many of the case studies in the book, that their men are just not wired right. Somehow changing their behaviour empowers them, and even though they may do it in order to avoid violence and stay with their partner, it might actually encourage them to leave.  Of course you also have the women that are just too frightened to leave, believing that the police or anyone cannot protect them from their partner.

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Jann Nikka
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Hi, I saw this on TV, It's not me, never has been me and never will be.
Pepper pot
Pepper pot commented
No I gathered it wasn't you, I thought it might be someone you know. It isn't a straightforward situation because even when you are blunt, it doesn't convince them to leave, in fact it can push them to stay, they end up defending the abusers behaviour.
Jann Nikka
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I've definitely seen that happen and I know someone who defended the abuser right up to his death. The woman on TV defended her abuser see my comments under Zack
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I'd do the same thing to them and if they can love me then sure.

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Intentionally? Maybe after the apologized once they got out of the hospital. (I am quick to defend myself.) And if I did, it wouldn't matter as I would no longer be in a relationship with them.

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