Does it make her feel like a kid if a guy calls a woman young lady?


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PJ Stein answered

Not me, but the flirtatious attempt at flattery doesn't go unnoticed either.

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Virginia Lou answered

Hi Johnny Hernandez,

I don't think you can make a hard-and-fast rule here...

Even me at the age of 72...when I am in a group of old people, the men may tell us we are beautiful, we have wonderful figures, lovely clothing...even kiss our hands...or caution each others' language ("that's getting a little too close to the locker room, Jack!").

They just totally make you feel wonderful, and when these men, who may have come through a war or who knows what other tragedies...              when they call you a young lady they are just appreciating your womanhood.

I would not do it everywhere, or in every circumstance.

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