Advice? My mother has started online dating, and it kinda looks like she's neglecting her health... She still feels weak at times, and I think she should lay off going out for a while. Is this just jealousy, something else, or is this a valid thing to worry about?


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I think it's just concern for your Mother's health with a slight touch of jealousy. No harm there at all. Do yourself a favor and express your concerns of your Mother's health to her directly. Then suggest she make a Doctor's Appt. To be sure all is well. Then let her choose what she thinks is best. You just love your Mother and your concern is admirable. Make an Appt. And make sure all is well health wise. You'll both be happier afterwards.

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Hello Kioyre, If I remember correctly your mother has been having health issues for some time, including hospitalizations. You've had to fend for your self while she was hospitalized. I believe that you've been worried about her for a while. When we worry about someone we love it's really hard to turn that off at will. I understand how hard it is to be concerned about your parent when you are so young.

Communication is the key. Let her know how you feel. Let her know you are just being concerned about her well being because of all you've been through. After that conversation, let it go. Let her be the adult. If she runs herself out then it is on her. You've done all you can. Go out Kioyre and enjoy being a teen. Go to the movies, the mall, hang with some friends. You're a good daughter.

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Kioyre S.
Kioyre S. commented
Thank you. I suppose I could do with less worry, too. I can't always help it, but you know... Thanks for taking the time to answer! It truly helps
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While I could always be wrong, I think you are having a personal problem with this. The reality is that your mother is an adult and can do as she pleases. 

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Kioyre S.
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I understand your point though. It might just be me. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to just bring it up, right? Thanks for your answer!
Cookie Roma
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I wouldn't. Not to be disrespectful but this is ultimately none of your business.
Kioyre S.
Kioyre S. commented
Okay, well I'll just have to see what happens.
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Talk to your mother about your concerns for her health, but that doesn't mean she needs to stop going out. Sometimes getting out and living your life is the best medicine.

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You can tell your mother about your concerns, but she's an adult and is entitled to make her own decisions.  Maybe her dating makes her happy .. And that's well worth it.

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Kioyre S.
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Yeah, she has gone through a lot. Since most people seem to be telling me this, I've simply decided to keep to myself and will voice my concerns if I truly need to. Thanks for your answer; I appreciate it.
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You're a very good daughter. She is very lucky. I wish you both well.

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