Help! My girlfriend wants to go on an exercizing date and sent me a text saying to wear exercizing clothes, I don't exercize, what does that even mean?


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DDX Project answered

Comfortable clothes to exercise in. Could be a t-shirt and basketball shorts or a sports bra with yoga pants.

Walt O'Reagun Profile
Walt O'Reagun answered

Well ... Is SHE really into exercise?
If so ... It may mean that she thinks you need to exercise more.
If not ... It may mean that she thinks one or both of you need to exercise more, and that it would be "fun" to do it together.

Honestly, unless BOTH people are really into exercise - it's not a "date activity". 

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Nicole Ashley answered

My old roommate and I always used to go on exercise dates. We would wear baggy comfy clothes and either go jogging, go to the college gym or join a fitness class. It was fun! Great bonding experience ! And you feel great after!

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