Do you still have family dinners on Sundays ? Or is that a thing of the past?


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RIK RZ answered

Because i'm muslim I have family dinenrs on Fridays

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Mountain Man answered

It's usually just my wife and I. If one or more of my grandkids are here we'll have a bigger dinner but when it's just the two of us we are usually busy doing things around the house and make something simple.

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Lard Ass answered

Ahh...the memories of Sunday dinner at grandma's house! The cheek pinching and kissing as we were greeted at the door, the smell of fresh made pasta and sauces, the espresso pot sitting on the stove....yes my Sunday family dinners were wonderful Italian memories.

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otis campbell answered

Not since i was a kid

dragonfly forty-six Profile

We try to. We usually get together with the whole family every couple of months. I usually will make a big dinner on Sundays. I can't decide if I want to make Strogonoff or Taco Salad. Cake or Pie. Chocolate cream or Coconut Cream. Strawberry Shortcake. On and on. Being indecisive might render me useless today.

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Levi F. answered

My sisters and I are all in our 20s now and live away from home, but we do still go out to dinner as a family sometimes, and have dinner at home for holidays (if we can all make it, which sometimes doesn't work out). As a kid, we used to have dinner together most nights, not just Sunday.

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Kristen Storm answered

We have family lunch with my hubby's family every Sunday and dinner with my mom every Wednesday :) Because my dad stays further away we try to see him at least once a month

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