How does one avert jealousy from a mother-in-law whose issue is that her son spends more time with his wife than with her?


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When there are "in law" problems on a marriage , the one to deal with it is that in laws child.  So talk to your husband and he needs to handle it.

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I don't know that you can "avert" jealousy. Sounds like it's more her issue than yours....she needs to find something else to do with her time.

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You have your husband explain to her that she was successful in raising her son. Her job was raise him to leave the nest and nuture a family of his own and now he is doing just that. Then he needs to put her on a schedule. If she lives nearby, he can do dinner on Tuesday nights or something. If she doesn't live nearbby you set up a phone call schedule. But it will be up to your husband to set the ground rules, and then stick to them.

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First 3 answers are all good.

I must admit I would just like to tell her to "Grow Up."

I wonder how her husband treated his mother relative to her when they were first married.

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