Do you believe in 'cliques'? Like popular kids nerds geeks jocks? Everyone in my school has a 'rank' Like popular girls only date poplar boys and jocks Nerds are ignored Jocks are up there I'm smart, but does that make me a nerd I hate that


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You're smart and you hate being up there with the nerds? You should be proud and embrace it. Just keep doing well in school and get good grades because you'll have better job opportunities when you're older than those popular kids with lower grades (more doors will be open for you)

 Keep doing well  and don't let these popular peoples get you down (you're only gunna know them for a few short years and then you'll never hear from them again once high school is finished)

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I bet those popular kids wish they spent more time studying and being smart like you instead of partying and such. Most of those "popular" kids from my old high school work at grocery stores and fast food places for minimum wage while all of other kids like me went to get an education in college or university, because we actually have the grades to get into schools!!!

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Start your own Cliques and Clubs.

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All schools are like that...even way back when! Best thing to who you are, don't label yourself and don't strive to be anything you're not. Honestly, the kids who are "popular" you probably couldn't stand to be around as I doubt they could hold a halfway intelligent conversation.

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