I want to ask the guy next door for casual sex. I am a virgin, and I know nothing. Any ways I can ask him?


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Morality aside, the act of sexual intercourse without the accompanying psychological component of close attraction between the two participants very frequently turns out a to be a less than satisfying experience.

That's just the way we humans are "built."

If a the best satisfaction you can derive from the best sexual experience of that type is rated at 100%, I would say the best you can hope for from an encounter with your neighbor will be in the range of 30% to 60%.

When I was in my 20's and 30's, I turned down a number of such "opportunities" and never regretted those decisions.

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I suppose it could be one of those stories you tell later on in life . . . Unfortunately you have no way of knowing if the story will be one of "Regret" or one of those "Special Memories" . . .

I could never engage in something so frivolous . . . BUT, it is not unheard of to be Spontaneous or Care Free . . . Be sure to do some of your thinking with anticipation of the consequences to follow.

Situations and circumstances enter our lives, it is how we deal with them that defines us as a person . . .

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Of course such definitions are always subject to our own editing at a later date.

Free will gives us options.

Otherwise we would be rejecting the theological virtue of Hope.
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You have about as many options as your character and impulsive brain allow.
"Try to get the wheels out of life's ruts you continuously find yourself in. Even if to bridge the crest for a moment whilst that which you REALLY are chooses those "little" things Ultimately nudging you back in . . . where it seems most natural and unchallenging." - Dark Majinn

Nothing wrong with Hope, it need not be paired with virtue . . .
Sharron Prestcott
I can't think of any girl who would not live to regret throwing away her virginity on casual sex. It certainly wouldn't be filed under "special memories".
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You shouldn't throw your virginity around as it's nothing to be valued. Is there a big rush for you to lose your virginity? Are you anxious to acquire an STD or become pregnant?  And yes, pregnancy does occur even when using birth control. Nothing is foolproof.

No one here is going to give you advice on how to have casual sex with someone you barely know. I would re-think your stance on this issue, if I were you.

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Very few females can just have casual sex and not have any lingering feelings about the whole thing.  Keep your virginity for that special person who will respect you and the fact that you haven't jumped into the sack with just anyone.

You won't regret waiting but you'll have the rest of your life to regret throwing away something that should be a very intimate experience with someone you have strong feelings for.

There's a world of difference between making love and having sex.

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