Was I right to do this? I sent my cousin a follow request on instragram, and she denied it. So I used a troll account and requested her on it and she accepted that one. It's nothing to cry over but I didn't say anything and deleted her off Facebook.


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Seriously, it's just social media. There are people that actually have rules about who they want on which social media accounts. I have a Facebook account for family and close friends, so I don't have a zillion friends. I just have the people I want to keep in touch with.

I have a coworker who has a FB account and does not want to "friend" anyone from work on it. Those people had hurt feelings over it but it's her account and she can pick and choose who she wants to keep in touch with.

If you're going to get your shorts in a knot over someone's personal choice, you're going to have a hard life. Do you really want to create a schism in your relationship over this? I would re-think your reaction, if I were you.  In my opinion, it's nothing to get this upset over.

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Dance like a gypsy
The thing is that she can add an account with a dumb name but not someone she's related to. It kind of tells me what she thinks of me though so may as well leave her be.
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Please don't be offended - it's not intended to be offensive, but you have a little growing up to do, I think. Such things will be less important in a year or two's time.

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Were you right to stalk your cousin by creating a fake account on Instagram? No. Were you right to delete her from Facebook? Ehh...That one is up to you.

Sometimes people create accounts on different social media sites because they don't want to whole world or maybe just family to know what is going on. You should have respected her privacy. You woouldn't want someone to do that to you, would you?

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Dance like a gypsy
I had the account beforehand I didn't make it for her.
PJ Stein
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So you have a troll account that you keep open and yet you are condemning someone for trying to keep part of her life away from you? I think you really need to reevaluate your life.
Dance like a gypsy
I did it to see if she would accept it or not I honestly thought she'd deny it. It was just a test, I'm not going on there to harrassing her I haven't even said a word

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