I recently went through something pretty traumatic where I was brainwashed by my former room mates. Now that i finally left I still fear they will find me and turn everyone against me. Do I need to see a therapist?


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If you really believe you were brainwashed ... You DEFINITELY need to see a therapist. 

People who are actually brainwashed can't "deprogram" themselves.

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Is fearing they will find me a sign of being brainwashed? And it went on for about 8 months. I found myself even giving them money I didn't need to. And when I finally got the nerve to leave they accused me of stealing money and turned all my room mates against me. The main guy who did it even convinced his brother who I was dating at the time and living with us that I was cheating on him and he left me. It was bad and now I'm always looking over my shoulder and I hate it!
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No ... brainwashed people don't fear their "programmers" ... because they have been programmed to "love" and "adore" those people.

Sounds more like you were just in a bad relationship and taken advantage of. No brainwashing.
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This is true
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I think your use of brain wash may be somewhat extreme. At your age it is quite normal to feel that in some situations you just don't fit it in. For many teens their is a craving to be accepted that will cause them to do things that they don't want just to get acceptance. Here is a link to give you some food for thought.


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Thank you for the link. I am not a teenager though the term brainwashed was used by one of my friends that I sat down and spoke with. But the people I was talking about are all very mentally unstable
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My crystal ball says you need to get drunk deprogram and party.

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