Can I leave home at 16 years old without parental consent?


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How about considering this question: "Am I ready to leave home?" It is only natural for you to have a desire for independence. However, moving out on your own is like hiking in a wilderness. Would you trek into wild country without knowing how to set up a tent, light a fire, cook a meal, or read a map? Not likely! Yet, many young ones move away from home with few of the skills necessary to run a household. Would this be the case with you? True, moving out may give you some increased freedom, and it might improve your status with your friends. But you are the one who will have to pay the bills, prepare the food, clean the house, and fill the hours when friends and family aren’t around. Granted, you may have valid reasons for leaving home. (Escape problems at home, Gain more freedom, Ease the financial burden on your parents, etc..) Don't be in a rush to make a hasty decision that you might regret later.

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Not in the US. Here you have to be 18 to be considered no longer a minor and able to enter into contracts, which you would need to do to live on your own. Your name would need to be on a lease which is a legal binding contract, or even to sign to rent a room at a hotel. Some states you can become emancipated at 17, but even then you have to be able to show you can afford to be able to take care of yourself. That is hard to do since child labor laws limit how much you can work.

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