What Does A Male Wear In An Indian Wedding?


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India is a country of diversity. Hence it is difficult to give a single answer to this question as the wedding attire varies greatly from one place to the other. Every place has its own wedding style and hence the bridal costumes are also different.

Moreover, the costumes vary to a certain extent according to the religion. However, in general Indian groom's costumes are quite gorgeous. They have bright colours and zari work on them. The top generally constitutes of a kurta or Kameez. The kurta is generally cotton shirt with a loose fit while a kameez is longer and is embroidered. The bottom could be a dhoti, pajama, churidar, or salwaar. The dhoti is a piece of uncut cloth which is tied while pyjama are trousers with loose fit. Churidaars are tight fitting slacks while salwaars are loose pants gathered at the ankles. Jodphur suits with long jackets are also popular in modern times. A turban could be worn by various ethnic groups.

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